Monday, April 12, 2010

Veterinary Services Approval Reminder
Hello to everyone out there in breeder world! I am pleased to announce that our campus veterinary clinic construction plans are right on track. With the help of our very own Director of Veterinary and Breeding Services, Dr. Jerry Edington, we are in the process of building a world class veterinary clinic right here on campus. We already have multiple in house capabilities available for our breeder dogs. Please contact us first if you are in need of routine or sick veterinary care. In most cases we are capable of handling such cases and in turn are able to save the school and the mission a substantial amount of money. If you are unable to make the visit to our campus do to location, please ensure that you touch base with a member of our Medical and Breeding Team first to seek authorization. In these cases of veterinary care being provided off campus, we as an organization ask that the providing veterinary clinic submit a service estimate. I hope that all of you are as excited as I am about the vast improvements to our campus, and look forward to working with you in the future.

This small and cute litter belongs to Ruth and Dobber. Born on the 5th of April, this brother and sister enjoy having the extra feeding space!
In the month of March we had three litters born, making a total of 21 beautiful puppies. I want to send a a big congratulations out to the fantastic mothers Ginger, Janie, and Jamie!

This handsome young boy is Jake. Jake is a three year old black Labrador Retriever. Jake is on our top breeder list this week for having proved to be a father once again. He has sired three litters already in his career! Keep up the good work Jake!

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