Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Canine Obesity

Canine obesity is defined as having a surplus of 15% more than the normal weight of an adult dog's breed. With an average weight of 70lbs, the Labrador could be considered obese when its weight exceeds 80lbs! Labs, in particular, are predisposed to the disease of obesity because of their vigorous appetites.

You may ask, why is obesity considered a disease? Because it:

  • Causes or aggravates other diseases (diabetes, respiratory failure, etc.)

  • Increases surgical risk (anesthesia is more difficult and more dangerous in an obese dog)

  • Encourages the emergence of nutritional deficiencies

  • Causes significant locomotive problems (osteoarthritis, disc hernia)

  • Reduces the ability to reproduce (reduction of libido and the quality of sperm in the male, difficulties in conception and whelping in the female)

  • Gives rise to significant skin problems.

Next month, we will focus on how dogs become obese so stay tuned!

If you have noticed your breeder is overweight, please send me an e-mail HEATHER.JUNQUEIRA@GUIDEDOGS.ORG

Dear Mom & Dad (Meg & Dewey),

I have had a great time with my Puppy Raiser family over the past year. I was born on May 4, 2008 and went home with my Puppy Raiser family on July 10, 2008. You'll be happy to know I go to church every week, visit school often where my Puppy Raiser brother attends, and take lots of walks with my friends in the Bradenton Puppy Raisers Group. We walk through downtown Bradenton, visit stores, restaurants, the airport, the beach and ride the city buses and the beach trolleys. Our Area Coordinator, Brenda and my mentor, Karen help me out a lot. I have made a lot of friends with the other puppies in our group. I took obedience lessons at SEGD from a real nice trainer named Karen. I received my letter last week to report to K-9 college on August 4, 2009. I'm really confident that all the experiences I have had will help me become the best guide dog possible. I'll write you another letter after I move back SEGD. I think they have Wi-Fi in the kennels.

Lots of Love,

Scout 2M8

Meet Bart D !! Bart was raised by Tracy Willis and Bob Campbell. He is the son of Sloan and Iris. Bart enjoys playing with other dogs and works hard to please the humans around him. We look forward to seeing many puppies from Bart in the future.

Meet Sammy !! Sammy is the daughter of Sloan and Iris. She was raised by Walter McMullin. Sammy is a very sweet hard working dog. She enjoys long walks and playing with her friends.

Kerry is sporting the newest apparel for dogs. A hat specially designed to keep the sun off of one ear.

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